Passive candidates account for over 60% of the workforce. They are described as those who are satisfied and happy in their roles, but are nevertheless potential new employees for your business. Hiring and engaging passive candidates requires a range of strategies.

Sell the (Right) Benefits
When attracting passive candidates many recruiters sell the obvious benefits of the potential new role – increased pay, better location, innovative company and prestigious job title. While this is great, a smart recruiter knows that the smart candidate is looking for more.

Excellent employees have vision and know that there is more to a new job than pay and perks.  They are looking for career opportunity, job satisfaction, flexibility, job importance and knowing that they are working with a great team.

By giving staff the power to set their own availability, job position and location, staff are given control over their working lives. Businesses can sell the benefits of a flexible position that has a smart rostering system through Betta People.  As an added bonus, Betta People efficiencies give businesses the ability to pay above award wages (if they choose), another valuable recruitment tool.

Talent Pipeline

While businesses may not be able to recruit passive candidates immediately, they can still include them in their talent pipeline.  A talent pipeline is a pool of potential candidates that are available when new positions need to be filled.

Online retailer Zappos (recently acquired by Amazon) is aware of the value of a talent pipeline and created a program called the ‘Zappos Insiders’.  The program engages passive candidates by giving them an insider only newsletter and inviting them to Zappos events.  They are under no obligation to join the company but are reminded of available opportunities.

Betta People is constantly adding to its talent pipeline through an efficient HR platform.  By allowing passive candidates to build an online profile for free and update as they choose, Betta People can easily engage potential new candidates. With the ability to accept, reject or leave candidates as pending, the talent pipeline can easily be organised and a candidate’s status can be attained at a glance.

A Simple Recruitment Process

Many passive candidates are turned off by a long and arduous recruitment process.  Where Betta People excels is the candidate profile and initial registration.

The initial registration captures a candidates contact details and then invites them to create their profile.  Candidates are free to login anytime and complete the profile at their own speed.

The profile allows candidates to upload their resume, skills, qualifications, location and positions of interest, and can be changed to suit any organisation.