Better workers,
the Betta way

Easy Access to the Right Staff


etta People provide tailored solutions for labour hire, workforce management, recruitment and outsourced payroll.

For years we have been the sole provider of these quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions for many businesses across a variety of industries and locations.

We achieve this by providing a dedicated team of HR Professionals who utilise best in class technology.

The Betta People team believe that words are cheap, and only by delivering on our promises has allowed us to grow to where we are today. We pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships, and providing our clients the ability and confidence to scale as required.

Vision & Values


ur vision is to improve the way Australian businesses manage their Human Resources.

With extensive knowledge and experience in recruitment and payroll, the Betta People team understand the hardships of workforce management for companies both big and small. Regardless of size, we value all of our customers equally. Whether you need an extra set of hands to complete projects before deadlines or require a fully managed workforce and outsourced payroll solution, Betta People can help.

Betta People also value the costs associated with our services and are willing to match or beat any quote you have received in the past for the same requirements. We are able to do this whilst still paying all employees above the relevant Industrial Instrument to attract and retain the best talent available.

The rates provided are all inclusive of employee wages and associated on costs (Wage, Superannuation, Workers Compensation, Payroll Tax) and at the end of each pay period you will receive invoicing structures as simple or complex as desired to meet your requirements.

  • Request staff on-the-go

  • Control your own client profile

  • Streamlined hiring process

  • High candidate accountability

  • Track & plan workforce spend

  • Employee ratings for quality workers

  • Choose workers from a live job pool

We work smart, so you can work smarter

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