Labor is set to push for a raise to the national minimum wage up to $80 from the current $694.00 (36,000) a week to $774.00 ($40,000) for low-income workers, as part of opposition leader Bill Shorten’s pitch on wages growth in his first major political speech of 2018.

Speaking at The National Press Club on Tuesday, the opposition leader called for a “real living wage” and stated that the minimum wage has been going “backwards relative to median wages for years”.

Labour market expert Tom Lyons said Shorten’s speech signalled a “much more aggressive approach to raising the minimum wage from a future Labor government”.

Lyon, who ran the minimum wage case for the ACTU also said Labor could be looking to make a submission to the Fair Work Commission asking for an increase in line with union demands for the minimum to keep pace with the median wage which could see an increase of up to 60%.

With a possible wage increase, inevitably comes cost increases on business’.

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