After months of inquiries into the labour hire industry, the Queensland Government will be introducing mandatory licensing for labour hire companies in Queensland.

Under the mandatory licensing scheme, Queensland labour hire providers will now be required to:

  • pay a license fee;
  • pass a fit-and-proper person test;
  • comply with workplace laws, including workers’ compensation, wages and superannuation;
  • report regularly on their operations; and
  • declare the number of employees they have engaged, in addition to the number of employees engaged through work visa arrangements.

Premier Anastasia Palaszcsuk announced the scheme at the Labour Day rally last month as 30, 000 people marched across Brisbane’s CBD protesting against the cut to penalty rates for retail, hospitality, fast food and pharmacy industries.

The Premier revealed there are a number of labour hire operators that have been found to be underpaying staff, emphasising one firm that underpaid workers by $77, 000 over two months.

The legislation has been effective since May, and the Palaszczuk Government expects the scheme to be fully operational by 2018.

The legislation will also be supported by stern penalties, including criminal prosecution in serious cases.

These penalties will also affect company executives, who could face individual fines of more than $125, 000 or a prison sentence of up to 3 years for engaging an unlicensed labour hire company.

Establishment of a compliance unit is also underway, which will inspect licence holders for continued compliance with the Government’s new licence conditions. The unit will also investigate any complaints that are made to it by employees.

The Premier expressed that the licensing scheme is aimed at protecting workers and allowing a ‘level playing field’ for ethical operators to compete fairly without unnecessary administrative burdens.


Why Betta?

With the Palaszczuk Government’s new licensing legislation, businesses and employers must be more vigilant than ever when it comes to determining which labour hire company to engage business with.

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Employee wages are accurately covered through automatic interpretation of electronic and physical timesheets. ATO integration is included, as well as group certificates and single touch payroll. The system is tailored to specific awards or agreements, which are Tax and Fair-Work compliant.

Make the safer choice with Betta People to ensure that your employees are being paid accurately, fairly, and compliantly under the Palaszczuk Government’s new licensing scheme.